DRAW in the News

CBC Radio One: All in a Weekend Montreal, "McGill DRAW project takes on tedious, yet crucial task of transcribing thousands of historical weather logs" Ainslie MacLellan with Victoria Slonosky and Renee Sieber, https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1252003395640

Hugo Lavoie, "The story of the weather in Montreal", Hugo Lavoie's Urban Chroncile with Victoria Slonosky and Frederic Fabry, June 5 2018, https://ici.radio-canada.ca/premiere/emissions/gravel-le-matin/segments/chronique/74922/histoire-climat-montreal-observatoire-mcgill

CJAD, Interview by Natasha Hall Show, DRAW with Renee Sieber and Victoria Slonosky, May 22 2018

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DRAW Presentations

Yves Lapointe and Frederic Guiliano, "DRAW: Data Rescue, Archives and Weather", Presentation to the Society of Quebec archivists, May 2018

Victoria Slonosky, "Climate in an Age of Empire: Weather Observers in Colonial Canada", James McGill talk, November 28 2017

Data Rescue, Archives and Weather poster presentation, 7th Ouranos Symposium, Montreal, November 15-17 2017

Renee Sieber and Victoria Slonosky, "Crowdsourcing historical climate observations", SSHA Conference, November 2-5 2017

Gordon Burr, "Data Rescue, Archives and Weather: Poster Session", Association of Canadian Archivists, Annual Conference, June 2017

Victoria Slonosky, "Crowdsourcing historical climate observations web talk", 10th ACRE meeting, New Zealand

Victoria Slonosky, "DRAW: Data Rescue, Archives and Weather", 9th ACRE Workshop, University of Maynooth, Ireland, June 20-23 2016

Gordon Burr and Lori Podolsky, "Upskilling Archivists", Talk for Association of Canadian Archivists, Annual Conference, June 2016

Victoria Slonosky, "Histoire et Climat: retracer les changements climatiques des derniers siecles au Quebec", Ouranos seminaire, September 2016

Gordon Burr, "DRAW: Data Rescue, Archives and Weather", Brown Bag lunch series: Winter Semester, McGill Libraries presentation series, 2016.

Victoria Slonosky, "DRAW: Data Rescue, Archives and Weather", SIS Seminar, February 2016

DRAW Outreach

Drew Bush, Victoria Slonosky, and G. Pearce (Dawson professor), Dawson Research Methods course module, March 2018

Frederic Fabry and V. Meunier, Presentation of DRAW to retired meterologists, Ottawa, October 2017

"DRAW Demo", InfoNexus Conference, February 3 2017

"Rescuing Weather Climate and History", McGill Homecoming 2017 Workshop, October 14 2017

DRAW Poster and open session, GIS Open Science Day, 2016