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Introducing DRAW Members: Victoria Slonosky

Rachel Black, April 24th 2019

This week we will explore who is behind our project, starting with Dr. Victoria Slonosky!


Victoria Slonosky

Montreal (south shore) via England, France and Toronto and back to Montreal

Role at DRAW:
General wrangler, worrier, and historical weather data expert

Favourite Part of DRAW?
The enthusiasm! Everyone working on it is there because they want to be, and because they believe it’s an interesting and worthwhile project.

Favourite Season? Why?
Autumn- after the summer heat, the relief of the first cool breeze and hint of chill is like a promise of renewal- I think we should start our new year in October. Also, harvest season is a great time for any baker.

Favourite Weather Symbol? Why?
Tough one to choose, but I think snow drift, because it’s so quintessentially Canadian, with “poudrerie”, “blowing” and “drift” seen in the earliest Canada records going back to the 18th century (though admittedly often accompanied by words such as “violent", “affreuse" and “horrible"!)

snowdrift weather symbol

Favourite Cloud Type? Why?
Cumulus- I love watching them grow, change shape, and billow out against a bright blue sky. Also very cool when they become dark and turn into dramatic storm clouds.

Plate 3 from Luke Howard's Essay on the Modification of Clouds (1865)

Coolest thing you've learned while participating in DRAW?
The sheer number of people who are interested in weather and giving up their precious free time to type in old weather records, as well as the variety of way people have found to use the results.

And of Course:

Sweet or Salty?
Sweet (I'm a baker)

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Trek. I used to do all my math homework watching after school reruns

Cats or Dogs?
Allergic to cats, so dogs, but would be happy to have cats if I could

Favourite Animal?
Chickadees. I watch them from my kitchen window and have a special bird feeder only they can get into

Favourite place in Montreal?
So many to choose from! Toss up between St Helen’s Island for outdoors and BAnQ for indoors.

If you'd like to find out more about Vicky Slonosky and her work with DRAW check out our News page or explore the following:

Keep checking out the blog to see more DRAW Member Introductions in the coming weeks alongside our usual content!

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